3 Easy Ways to Flatten A Rolled Poster

The moment the posters are delivered is one of the most thrilling aspects of ordering posters online. When they’ve been rolled up in a tube, though, putting them flat can be difficult. Here’s how you flatten a poster without creating creases or wrinkles.

Method 1: Reverse roll the poster

  1. Prepare a clean flat surface that provide sufficient space for the item to lay flat when unrolled
  2. Remove the cap from the tube top.
  3. Tip the tube until the poster totally slides out. Try not to pinch or pull it out of the tube as this might cause wrinkles and creases.
  4. Roll out the poster on one side to get the design down. Don’t force it if your object is resistant to opening. Try humidifying it instead.
  5. Roll the poster carefully around the outside of the tube in the opposite direction it was previously rolled. It is feasible to experiment with flattening without using a tube. Simply roll the map or poster as tightly as possible and secure it using rubber bands. However, it is preferable to use a tube to avoid denting the item.
  6. Use a sticker or rubber bands to keep it in place. Put one at either end of the roll.
  7. Allow the roll to sit for an hour. A new poster must remain in this rolled-up condition for nearly an hour. More curled things may require more time. But don’t overdo it. You don’t want your thing to curl the opposite way!
  8. Unroll the poster to reveal a flat poster after removing the sticker or rubber bands. Make sure the side it curls towards is facing up. Your item should be in better condition. If it still curls too much, roll it up again or use weight to flatten it.

Method 2: Use weight to flatten the poster

  1. Repeat steps 1, 2 & 3 from method 1.
  2. Roll out the poster on one side to get the curling side down. Make sure the surface is clean, flat and hard ( like table surface).
  3. To weigh it down, place something heavy on each corner and in the center. Books are usually a great option because they distribute weight equally across a large amount of space.
  4. Allow the weights to rest for a couple of hours. It will take some time for the weight to have an effect. More curling things can be corrected in a day or longer.

Method 3: Use humidity and weight

If your poster is resistant from opening (you should try 2 methods above before ) so you should use steam to make it easier to unroll.

  1. Remove bands or any fastening objects from your poster. Using a soft or natural brush, remove any debris from the poster. This will help the humidity process faster.
  2. Fill a plastic storage tub or large trash can a small amount of water. More water means more moisture, which accelerates humidification. This can be dangerous if you don’t keep a close eye on your poster. Make sure you use room temperature water cause warm water will create steam condensed on the container lid and drip onto your poster.
  3. Place a wire rack or a smaller plastic container inside the big one. The rack must lie flat and remain above the water.
  4. Place the poster on the rack and seal the container. Check on the container after one hour, make sure water is not dripping from the lid. The process will take four to six hours.
  5. Try to unroll the poster gently. Place it back to the humidifier more time if the poster still feels resistant.
  6. Use cotton papers or cotton towels to dry the poster. Put one piece of cotton on a flat surface then place the poster on it. Cover the poster with the second piece. Place books or something heavy to weigh down your items so it stay flat and prevent the item from curling again.
  7. Allow your item to air dry for a few days. Check the cotton piece day by day and replace the cotton whenever it becomes damp.


  • To avoid crinkling the poster, work gently.
  • Reverse rolling is effective, but use a large-diameter tube if possible.


  • Humidity helps paper “relax”, but can cause some inks to run if excessive.
  • Be careful with clothes iron, heat will change the printing inks.

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